Christmas Accessories

Christmas Accessories:

On show below are some of our brand new Christmas accessories which can be ideal for turning any current golf course you have into a themed golf course with these accessories which can be placed around the course.Here is our new penguin accessory which can be placed around your course or for any other needs you may have, a display for example.The scarf can be coloured and designed how you want with; spots, stripes a solid colour or any other ideas you may have.The penguins can also be fitted with a range of hats as seen in the image below.

The Penguins and Snowman Can be fitted with either woolly or fibreglass hats as seen below.

We also offer a range of other Christmas accessories which can be seen below and all of these are available in a wide range of colours and patterns which you can choose and can also be fitted with hats where applicable.

Click Below to see our gallery of our full range of Christmas Themed Tops

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