Deluxe Novelty Tops

Deluxe Novelty Tops:

These are our new top of the range Deluxe Novelty Tops which are manufactured to the highest quality and standard.

These Tops will fit all of the golf sets we offer and can also be purchased separately if you are looking to refurbish or build your own set.

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The Dimensions for the Deluxe Novelty Tops are as follows:

  • Lighthouse – H:47″ W:23″ L:39″
  • Fort – H:18″ W:23″ L:50″
  • Rocket – H:45″ W:16″ L:16″
  • Helter Skelter – H:31″ W:20″ L:53″
  • Windmill – H:42″ W:30″ L:44″
  • Train – H:26″ W:18″ L:44″
  • Van – H:15″ W:11″ L:29″
  • Trees x2 – H:18″ W:17″ L:17″
  • Aces x2 – H:22″ W:4″ L:10″
  • Tunnel – H:14″ W:13″ L:23″
  • Large Bridge – H:12″ W:16″ L:71″
  • Volcano – H:19″ W:23″ L:39″
  • Dinosaurs¬† – Dimensions Vary
  • Animals – Dimension Vary

All dimensions are approximate.